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Mantis bug tracking system

Postby stevenhanna6 on Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:57 pm

This was posted in "Announcements" but I think it deserves to be here also.

It is much more useful to post bugs in the mantis system then to post bugs here on the forum, you can still post in the bug forum it doesn't bother me. But I would like to see an actual mantis bug entry created, we can keep some bugs posted on the forum that require more feedback from other users or special attention (reference the mantis entry number if you entered it into mantis).

Keep in mind that I will move bugs into mantis if they aren't there as I can't keep track of two different areas for bugs. Also note every thread in this bug tracking forum is eventually deleted to keep things up to date and clean.

How to get access to Mantis.

Please send and email with the following details for access, only for DIY V3 paid users please.

Subject: V3 Mantis Bug Access

Include your email address, and your "myxlobby" username, and your real name in the email.

So to recap 3 pieces of info "myxlobby Username", "email", and your "Real Name".

You will then receive an email once your mantis account is setup on how to log in and change your default password.
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