Category highlighting not quite right?

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Category highlighting not quite right?

Postby m_ski on Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:23 pm

I have just starting playing around with xlobby v3 particularly now that the animations have been added - I am just starting to think about the possibilities with this.

Anyway I have found what I think is an issue with the way category highlighting/enlargement works. When you highlight an item on the outer border of a category and you have enlargement set the item always moves in towards the middle to take up the enlargement. However, when you highlight an item in the middle it simply enlarges about it's center.
I think that the behaviour for the outer items should be the same as the inner ones i.e. always enlarge about the items center so that you get the same behaviour across all items. What needs to happen is the size of the category element needs to also encompass the max possible size including the enlargement - it already does this for the highlight image.

Do other users agree with me on this one or is it just me? - shall I raise a Mantis bug report?
Inner Item highlighted - enlarged about center
Edge item highlighted - not enlarged about center
category size showing image highlight included.jpg
Category size showing that it encompasses selection image but not enlargement

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Re: Category highlighting not quite right?

Postby samsonlov on Sat Jun 06, 2009 2:59 am

Yah this bugs me too, but for some this may work better - like when the category fills the entire screen. I think this should be an "option" or xl should check if the edge of the category is at an edge of the screen, then it should override to the current "default"
Doesn't look like it has been posted in mantis yet - go ahead +1.
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