client media player affecting server media player

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client media player affecting server media player

Postby billberet on Wed Dec 24, 2008 7:06 am

V3 in Mimic mode:
if you click the fullscreen button on the client within the media player , (the vga screen on the server goes fullscreen) FINE, but nothing happens to client, screen stays same.
Unless you are in front of the server VGA screen, you will not know what state the video screen is in within the media player. (windowed, or fullscreen)
so if you happen to back out of the movie on the client and choose another movie on the client the server vga touchscreen stays in fullscreen mode when you start it up, so it covers 3/4 of the screen. covering all the buttons on the media player on the server vga screen and there is no way out of it untill you kill the server and start again.

in the client, If you tap the video screen on the media player while a movie is playing, the client goes to a blank fullscreen and the server vga screen does nothing.

and when you hit the back button on the client media player, the movie still plays on the server until you back out of the movie menu totally.
not sure if that is supposed to work like that.
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