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set filter bugs

Postby S Pittaway on Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:41 am

I finally got round to re-adding a search screen to my skin.

I have a cat called filterdetails, and i run a set filter to show all of the "films" in my database "set filter>movies>display>filterdetails"

This gives me the following -


I am at the item level of the database so clicking it (used to?) should just play the item...

...Now when i click the entry i get a sub menu with a single entry in it - the same entry that i just clicked on! -


I then have to click this to start the film...

This is rubbish :) When you have "drilled down" to the item level on the filter the "click action" should happen there, it is a bit daft having a sub menu which is exactly the same as the level above it!

This is not film specific the same thing happens with music database etc.

There is also a bug with the %type"% property on the filer, if i split up the category -
70% = %display%
20 = %type%
The formatting is all wrong -


If you look at the %type% column it is in the wrong place (outside of the category!), the alignment is wrong and the type for the selected entry is in a totally different place to the rest...
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