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About this Section

Postby stevenhanna6 on Tue Mar 06, 2007 6:39 pm

I wanted this stuff on a seperate thread, I don't like threads going off topic. We have to keep things organized a bit, feel free to make threads in these sections if its related to the technology...dont get the idea that these new sections are just for Wes to make threads.

Below is from Wes at Calrad about these hardware sections.

We will be showing lot's of new technology here, some that certain individuals have not seen before or even knew existed. I think some will benefit from it and others will not. Some users are using xLobby for personal use only, others unknow to steven may even be profiting from it today.

The idea is to provide a Xlobby system that works for each type of user. This website will be available to all and for system integrators, A\V installers who come here will benefit from hardware that's show, this way all the pieces togther will provide a system that is profitable for them to sell. Maybe some user's can use all of the same pieces to build and sell systems to there friends or start a business with Xlobby as the core software and Calrad products to switch, distribute content around homes or commercial applications.

Who Know's, it's up to each person.

I hope some of this makes sense !

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