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xSendkeys help

PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 2:12 am
by scottw
Anyone know the command to send multiple keystrokes with xSendkeys. The normal command would be KEY:F2 but how would I send ALT CTRL 2??


Re: xSendkeys help

PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:41 am
by lpg
Here is what worked for me: ALTCTRL:V

If you have problems let me know I found a bug in the plugin that did not allow certian combos to work. It was awhile ago when I identified the problem so I do not recall the specifics.

Re: xSendkeys help

PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:51 am
by lpg
Here is a little more for you:

SendKey Event Example.jpg

Key combos: (you use what is in the "" --- example SHIFT:LBUTTON)
Case Is = "SHIFT"
Case Is = "CTRL"
Case Is = "ALT"
Case Is = "KEY"
Case Is = "ALTCTRL"
Case Is = "ALTSHIFT"

Valid Keys:(again use what is in the "")
AllKeys.Add("LBUTTON", &H1) 'Left mouse button.
AllKeys.Add("RBUTTON", &H2) 'Right mouse button.
AllKeys.Add("CANCEL", &H3) 'Used for control-break processing.
AllKeys.Add("MBUTTON", &H4) 'Middle mouse button (3-button mouse).
AllKeys.Add("EUQAL", &HBB)
AllKeys.Add("[", &HDB) '[
AllKeys.Add("]", &HDD) ']
AllKeys.Add("SPACE", &H20)
AllKeys.Add("ADD", &H6B)
AllKeys.Add("SUBTRACT", &H6D)
AllKeys.Add("BACK", &H8)
AllKeys.Add("TAB", &H9)
AllKeys.Add("CLEAR", &HC)
AllKeys.Add("RETURN", &HD)
AllKeys.Add("SHIFT", &H10)
AllKeys.Add("CONTROL", &H11)
AllKeys.Add("ALT", &H12)
AllKeys.Add("PAUSE", &H13)
AllKeys.Add("CAPITAL", &H14)
AllKeys.Add("ESCAPE", &H1B)
AllKeys.Add("PGUP", &H21)
AllKeys.Add("PGDOWN", &H22)
AllKeys.Add("END", &H23)
AllKeys.Add("HOME", &H24)
AllKeys.Add("LEFT", &H25)
AllKeys.Add("UP", &H26)
AllKeys.Add("RIGHT", &H27)
AllKeys.Add("DOWN", &H28)
AllKeys.Add("SELECT", &H29)
AllKeys.Add("INSERT", &H2D)
AllKeys.Add("DELETE", &H2E)
AllKeys.Add("HELP", &H2F)
AllKeys.Add("0", &H30)
AllKeys.Add("1", &H31)
AllKeys.Add("2", &H32)
AllKeys.Add("3", &H33)
AllKeys.Add("4", &H34)
AllKeys.Add("5", &H35)
AllKeys.Add("6", &H36)
AllKeys.Add("7", &H37)
AllKeys.Add("8", &H38)
AllKeys.Add("9", &H39)
AllKeys.Add("A", &H41)
AllKeys.Add("B", &H42)
AllKeys.Add("C", &H43)
AllKeys.Add("D", &H44)
AllKeys.Add("E", &H45)
AllKeys.Add("F", &H46)
AllKeys.Add("G", &H47)
AllKeys.Add("H", &H48)
AllKeys.Add("I", &H49)
AllKeys.Add("J", &H4A)
AllKeys.Add("K", &H4B)
AllKeys.Add("L", &H4C)
AllKeys.Add("M", &H4D)
AllKeys.Add("N", &H4E)
AllKeys.Add("O", &H4F)
AllKeys.Add("P", &H50)
AllKeys.Add("Q", &H51)
AllKeys.Add("R", &H52)
AllKeys.Add("S", &H53)
AllKeys.Add("T", &H54)
AllKeys.Add("U", &H55)
AllKeys.Add("V", &H56)
AllKeys.Add("W", &H57)
AllKeys.Add("X", &H58)
AllKeys.Add("Y", &H59)
AllKeys.Add("Z", &H5A)
AllKeys.Add("NUMPAD0", &H60)
AllKeys.Add("NUMPAD1", &H61)
AllKeys.Add("NUMPAD2", &H62)
AllKeys.Add("NUMPAD3", &H63)
AllKeys.Add("NUMPAD4", &H64)
AllKeys.Add("NUMPAD5", &H65)
AllKeys.Add("NUMPAD6", &H66)
AllKeys.Add("NUMPAD7", &H67)
AllKeys.Add("NUMPAD8", &H68)
AllKeys.Add("NUMPAD9", &H69)
AllKeys.Add("MULTIPLY", &H6A)
AllKeys.Add("SEPARATER", &H6C)
AllKeys.Add("DECIMAL", &H6E)
AllKeys.Add("DIVIDE", &H6F)
AllKeys.Add("F1", &H70)
AllKeys.Add("F2", &H71)
AllKeys.Add("F3", &H72)
AllKeys.Add("F4", &H73)
AllKeys.Add("F5", &H74)
AllKeys.Add("F6", &H75)
AllKeys.Add("F7", &H76)
AllKeys.Add("F8", &H77)
AllKeys.Add("F9", &H78)
AllKeys.Add("F10", &H79)
AllKeys.Add("F11", &H7A)
AllKeys.Add("F12", &H7B)
AllKeys.Add("F13", &H7C)
AllKeys.Add("F14", &H7D)
AllKeys.Add("F15", &H7E)
AllKeys.Add("F16", &H7F)
AllKeys.Add("F17", &H80)
AllKeys.Add("F18", &H81)
AllKeys.Add("F19", &H82)
AllKeys.Add("F20", &H83)
AllKeys.Add("F21", &H84)
AllKeys.Add("F22", &H85)
AllKeys.Add("F23", &H86)
AllKeys.Add("F24", &H87)


Re: xSendkeys help

PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 1:07 pm
by scottw
Awesome...thanks a bunch!!!!!

Re: xSendkeys help

PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 2:48 pm
by lpg
scottw wrote:Awesome...thanks a bunch!!!!!

Glad to give back with all of the help you have given me through your posts.