XMoveWindow - Resizes window but doesn't move

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XMoveWindow - Resizes window but doesn't move

Postby Mullaly on Sun Jul 03, 2005 3:09 pm


So far I'm impressed with Xlobby but I have just recently been trying to get XMoveWindow to work on a skin. I added a box and followed the steps in document created by badubo.

I assume that the plug-in uses an API call to FindWindow() and obtains the instance of the window based on its class name, resizes and then moves it to the location bounded by the text region every second.
Title: plugin>XMoveWindow>[Class_Name]
ID: [page]_[Class_Name]
Is this correct?

My problem is that I have tried to use
- Winamp v5.0 (Resizes window, does not move)
- Media Player 2 (removes title bar)
- Media Player 9 (removes title bar)
- Zoom Player (Resizes window, does not move)
and all have failed.

Even the skins that have this included preform the same way.

Is their anything that I am missing either in Winamp (my preferred player option), the other players mentioned or in the Xlobby setup?

I am running on Windows XP with SP2. If that makes any difference.

Thanks in advance.
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