problems writting driver with SDK

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problems writting driver with SDK

Postby d0ubled0wn on Fri Jun 17, 2005 5:30 am

Ok I started to create a pluggin for Global caches GC-100
it is a ethernet enabled IR and RS232 "cage" it accepts commands and sends out the IR a or RS232 commands via emmitters or serial interfacing to charmed quark, meedio or medialobby :(

I found a pluggin from ML and thought I can write one for XL WRONG

What i want to do is use the cage to control local AV gear and my house distribution switcher and in the future lighting to lutron which my house has it built in I know girder has the RS232 pluggin but it would require that i add serial ports and i want to have the server only serving XL PVR Sage and the media files. if someone is interested you can download the project file here

maybe this can help other people when dealing with RS232 equipment
the GC100 is not written in stone if someone has had success controlling RS232 gear I am more then willing to give it a try

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siwtcher> Extron MAV 88 HDA ( without the IP link )

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Postby Hiller on Fri Jun 17, 2005 4:20 pm

Trying is at least a start! I think we need more information to be able to help you though. Where are you in the plugin process? The first thing I would get working is having XL recognize the plugin. Have you made it that far yet?

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Postby d0ubled0wn on Fri Jun 17, 2005 5:18 pm

I did not get very far on the driver never compiled it I did try to load the driver I found on ML but XL did not recognize it

I am not that good at code I can manipulate code and change variables I am also good at following a tutorial but as far as starting form scratch NOT GOOD at all !!!!

I followed steves walkthru for the SDK made a reference to the DLL from ML now I am stuck i see from looking at the structure of the Xstats plug in what the variables are and somewhat see the logic behind the code is but seem to get a starting point on writting the code

from there I am not sure on where to go next

does any one have another walkthru or tutorial on how to write the driver

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