XMoveWindow in second monitor?

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XMoveWindow in second monitor?

Postby tsjdesign on Sun Apr 24, 2005 1:45 am

Hello! Thank you to the french team for the recent screenshot filled translation for XMoveWindow! It made all the difference in the world, and weeks of head banging came to an end!

Well, almost :cry: ...

My problem is that I have xlobby mapped on the second monitor, but the XMoveWindow window always pops up on the primary monitor in what would be the correct location if xlobby was open mapped to the primary monitor. I've tried this with multiple applications, and even pre-opened applications in monitor 2, and xmovewindow forces them back onto monitor 1.

Any ideas how to fix this without assigning my second monitor to primary?

Thank you! Todd
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Postby badubo on Sun Apr 24, 2005 9:05 am

The problem is that I receive from xlobby the relative position of the zone in its screen,not the screen itself. I don't know in which screen xlobby is located.

I will try to find a workaround for your problem.
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Postby rubbah on Fri Sep 02, 2005 9:56 pm

say you have 2 monitors, number 1 is 1280x1024 number 2 is 1280x1024

if you want to add video to screen 2 you add 1280 to the x value in the placement of the text object.

so X=1280 on monitor 2 is the same as 0 on monitor 1.
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