How To Create New Audio Player Plugin?

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How To Create New Audio Player Plugin?

Postby craig on Sun Mar 13, 2005 1:49 am

I want to create a new audio player plugin. In the plugins documentation I don't see any information about this (interfaces that need to be implemented, etc.). Can someone instruct me how to do this or is this not possible? Thanks.
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Postby stevenhanna6 on Wed Mar 16, 2005 8:06 pm

I still havent worked out the details on this, it is being planned though.
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Postby sparky on Sat Jul 16, 2005 12:36 am

Has any progress been made on this? I would really be interested in creating a new audio player. Specifically, I would like Xlobby to control XBMC through the HttpApi interface. That way I can use Xlobby as a touch screen interface (which I already do) but have it control my Xbox.

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