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foobar foo_shuffle component

Postby erikt on Fri Jan 07, 2005 4:32 pm

I've been using Foobar for a while, which is one of the reasons I've
chosen Xlobby as my front-end. One of the components I've really
gotten to like in Foobar is foo_shuffle, which is a very flexible random-
track selection feature.

I don't think the Xlobby foobar plug-in has any way of supporting
randomization done outside of Xlobby. I think this would be
a rather large departure from how this plug-in is written. Come to
think of it, it may be a significant change to Xlobby itself.

What I would like to know is, could my end-goal be achieved in any
simple way? or would it require massive re-writing of both the plug-in
and Xlobby? If this is simply a plug-in change, may I volunteer to
give it a try? I've written another foobar component, so I have the
basic knowledge required.

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