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Postby jmb295 on Fri Dec 10, 2004 7:15 pm

I am posting this incase someone else is interested in using this. I wrote a girder script that parses an xmltv output file and displays the information on a LCD/VFD. I currently use this to record all of my shows with the myHD card in place of TitanTV. It allows me to set recordings up through my remote without the tv tuned to my HTPC. I would like to somehow integrate some of the script with the xlobby epg, so that it could schedule recordings too.

Basic Functionality:
Main screen displays program title, start-stop time, and channel information. Browse through available programs through up/down/left/right buttons.


By pressing an info button it will display a scrollable program description.


Record & Tuning functionality is available on designated channels by pressing the enter button. A verification screen is shown with yes/no options. Tunes to a program if currently on, records ones in the future.



Girder w/lcdplugin: The epg is written in lua script. (the older free girder works for this)
This was designed for use with a remote control, but you can program the button events to whatever you like.
It is configured to work with Xmltv tv_grab_na_dd, if you are using a different grabber program then an adjustment to the config file may be required.

I have preconfigured the epg to record with the myHD card. It waits for the myHD recording screen to pop up, and automatically hits the ok button to add the recording. This should work with other programs, but some tinkering will be required.

Everything is setup through a config file. There is an option for 2/4 line screens. Here is a link to an example config file:

If this sounds like something that you would like to use, or have pointers on how to integrate it with xlobby please let me know. I am now attempting to make xlobby my primary htpc program since I just received my new ppc for htpc control.
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