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Postby badubo on Fri Dec 03, 2004 6:01 pm

I would like to see my Korean Title in the Xlobby movie menu.
Only English titles are shown. Of couse the the movie infor like plots, etc are all Korean. Is this reated with the xant.ini's 'sort' parameter?

Did you mean that the movies with korean title are not shown at all (and thus do not exists in xlobby) or that the title text is not displayed but you still have the cover ?
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Eglish movie name....

Postby freebits on Sat Dec 04, 2004 3:32 am


I see all the movies are converted correctly with the coverpage regardless of the movie type (Korean or not)

I mean the upper side movie names are all English. In case of movie 'Terminitor', the original movie names is shown as 'Terminator'. But I would like to see its translated movie name in movie section in stead of origianl title. All foreign movies have its own Korean name but it is not used at all. Any way of showing translated movie name?
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Postby dgemily on Sat Dec 04, 2004 8:08 pm

did you try with something like that "<sorttitle>$$ITEM_TRANSLATEDTITLE</sorttitle>" in your moviestemplate.xml and use this variable "category>movies>sorttitle" to display the title ?
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Postby freebits on Sun Dec 05, 2004 2:39 am

As your advice, I tried to change the moviestemplate.xml like this;

<parameter>"%$$ITEM_TYPE $$ITEM_MEDIA" "$$ITEM_URL"</parameter>

I changed the display parameter... now.. the movie tile(name) is all Korean :D

I hope someone can make xant documentation sooner or later.... so that every one can fully use the Xant.dll.

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Postby C-moi on Sun Dec 05, 2004 7:37 am

we use Ant Movie Catalog to catalog comics, games (emulators), pictures, movies, audio disc and xant create all the database we want but we use it with autoplay : when you insert a disc with 6 movies in your player, xl show your movie screen with the 6 right covers and the 6 right movies ! Image
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interested on c-moi setup can you help ?

Postby ismewor on Tue May 10, 2005 8:02 pm

Hi C-moi,
I'm really interested on your setup. i have many mp3 file need to get in catalog and looking for a good methose of doing this is there something you can share you method. thanks in advance.

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