Steven - ZoomPlayer progress-bar into Xlobby

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Steven - ZoomPlayer progress-bar into Xlobby

Postby kolemieux on Mon Nov 08, 2004 9:00 pm


You will see that Qtips has done some very very kewl stuff with integration of ZoomPlayer into an Xlobby skin with allowing XMoveWindow to assist with skin control still being in charge. I am beyond impressed with what this can do for skins and super nice integration.

There is still some challenge with OSD and in particular ZoomPlayers control bar. Which - most of us know in the Music Arena Xlobby does a LOT better creation of a Control/Progress bar than Winamp ever could....

Is there any prayer that there is a way to read into the files progress (or is this doen at the application level) to re-create a control bar within the a Skin

It would it not be xtra special awesome if something to this degree could indeed be accomplished with what Qtips has done and ZoomPlayer ---- the integration and ability would be TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT.....

Any prayer of this Steven or much to challenging - can this be done today and we just need to be educated?

Thanks much
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