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Programs without source

Postby Hiller on Wed Sep 08, 2004 12:44 pm

Okay programmers...I need to know if something is possible...

I'm new to C# and basically new to interfacing programs. I have done some coding in the past but it has all been standalone stuff. If you have any idea what a MUD is (I'm a geek, I know) I used to code for one so I have quite a bit of experience with C and some with C++.

I started working with C# last night and have gotten to the point where I can bring up a config window for the plugin and can get information from that window. So far so I need to interact with a program.

What I had dreamed about what a plugin for DVDProfiler so that it could be better integrated into XLobby. What I am starting to think is that it's not really possible. There isn't a dll to work from or anything like that. All the plugins Steven has done have come from Open Source projects.

Is is possible to interface with a program like DVDProfiler? If it is could someone point me in the right direction? Even if it is possible I might start with something less ambitious.

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DVD Profiler

Postby CFGuy on Wed Sep 08, 2004 2:44 pm

DVD Profiler can be set to export to an XML file. I worked with some other HomeSeer users to use the XML file to display the DVDs and to allow for VR. You can call home and ask HomeSeer if you have a particular movie.
I also wrote a WAP page so I can access my DVD collection with my cell phone. Makes it nice when I'm in a store trying to remember if we have a particular movie or not.

You just export the data whenever you add new DVDs to your collection.
Jeff Farmer
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Postby Hiller on Wed Sep 08, 2004 3:15 pm

You can already import the DVD Profiler information into XLobby through the XML export. What I was hoping to do was really integrate the program into XLobby so that it would be a more seemless solution.

Something like DVDShrink would be another example of a program that would be nice to integrate. Have a skin that mimiced the interface of DVDShrink but DVDShrink would basically never open.

I don't know if it can be done and I don't think it can but I thought someone might have an idea.

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Postby AtTheGates on Wed Sep 08, 2004 5:20 pm

Unless the developers publishes how communication is done with their program then there is really not a whole lot you can do. How about a DvdDecrypter plugin. Decrypter has a good selection of command line arguments so you could give the user a few options on how the rip. Not as good as Shrink IMO but it would still be a nice feature.
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