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Xweather Radar picture

Postby theendisnye on Wed Jun 30, 2004 5:10 am

For two of the areas I have selected (in the UK) there doesn't appear to be a valid radar picture yet for other areas the radar picture is of the whole UK. why do all UK locations not use the same radar picture - is there anyway to fix this? Steve
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Postby James4U on Wed Jun 30, 2004 5:05 pm

The weather info, including images is supplied by The Weather Channel.
In most cases, radar maps are provided by them, and pretty general as to where they show, unless you are changing continents or some countries. (For anywhere Canada, we only see the continent of North America)
If you are not seeing one for a particular location, it would most likely be that the Weather Channel is not returning one to the xWeather plugin.

I am hoping that possibly I could get a copy of the existing xWeather source code, as I would like to add some enhancements to the existing code to possibly select different weather info sources and add alternate images to be able to be displayed. :)

Hope this helps..

James :)
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Postby ukbubs on Thu Jul 01, 2004 9:54 pm

James4U - that would be great - I was hoping that the choice of satellite image would be lurking in an xml file.....

The image you get for the UK is 'Europe Satellite' rather than 'UK - Satellite Image'. Given that there are also images on the UK Weather Channel site for Germany, Italy and Scandanavia, it would be good to be able to vary the image based on the location chosen for the forecast.
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