Tinted Glass v2.0

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Tinted Glass v2.0

Postby mememe on Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:55 pm

My original tinted glass skin was a very basic skin with very limited function. I have grown tired of it's shortcomings, and it's bland look. I found that it required far too many screens to do the very basic tasks it was being used for. Consequently, I began experimenting more and after many iterations have started compiling the parts I liked from each one of my experiments, and weeding out the ones I don't like. As such I have been working on creating a new skin that is closer to my original attempts in aesthetics, but has a greatly increased functionality. I've made so many drastic changes that I felt it would be better to just declare the old version dead and continue as if this was an entirely new skin. Most notably, I've created a very alpha version plug-in to keep information up to date, get tv episode data/images, get movie posters, get imdb info, and get a better version of plot than what is usually on imdb. Here is what I have currently (still a work in progress):

(1920x1080 .jpg files)

All the data in the screens is provided by the plug-in which connects to thetvdb.com (open source and guaranteed to not block access), imdb.com (director, cast, date, etc), and impawards.com (movie posters). Next I'll tackle something that can do the same for my music collection since I'm still manually editing tags for that.

As usual, I'm open to any comments and suggestions.
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