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Postby Marbles_00 on Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:47 pm

but they fail to load on Database

If that is the case, then it looks like you somehow have a corrupted database xml file. There are two locations to start looking. The main one is the database directory off the xlobby root. The second location is the database directory within the individual skin directory. Usually main database directory is where the music and movies databases reside...or any database that can be referenced from any skin. Databases found within the individual skin database directory will only be called on by that particular skin.

So that being said, you would have to move all the xml files from the root database directory, and verify xlobby starts. Then put each one back in...each time starting xlobby until finally the one of them will prevent xlobby from starting. That is your corrupted database file.

The other way is to open each one in your web browser. The one that faults will come back with an error when loading.

I am running the xLobby2 version: 1.0.2337.30251

Yeah, I'm not sure which you have...mine is 1.0.2613.31320, which should be the last free version available (Feb./07). You can download the last free version from my xlobby google site. All my skins are verified to that version.

extremely promising, but it seems like it requires a lot of experience and patience to get it going.

All depends. There are some great skins which are very good to learn from and are very simple to setup. Those being Colby's Blue and Buddabings KISS. My ZS5 skin (and the previous ZoneSkins) is pretty basic in functionality, and besides getting the P3rvTalk devices configured, they are rather simple to use. Just the kxd control takes some learning to understand to configure...also some understanding of using the KX drivers is a must. My Glass skin (or Mirage), takes a little bit of knowledge and tinkering to get it going, and I would advise a novice user to look at another skin before attempting to tackle those beasts.

Good luck and keep asking the questions.
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