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Weather Page Setup

Postby Hiller on Tue Dec 09, 2003 10:15 pm

The section needs to be setup manually. The pictures that appear on the page can only be entered by editing the weather.xml file which is in the xlobby/skins/default folder. If you are using a different skin then use the folder that is appropriate for you.

Once you open the weather.xml file in a text editor such as notepad you will see tags similar to this:


Different hypertext links should be in this file. These represent the different images that will appear in XLobby when you press the refresh button. To add your own pictures, simply find an image you want and paste the link in place of the default link that has been included with XLobby.

Note that that currently, only single images can be shown on the weather page so it may take a little hunting around. Many times a local television station's website will have an image of their extended forcast that you may see in their news broadcast.

For more information and a few examples of different pictures check out this thread.
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