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Postby tswhite70 on Tue Apr 25, 2006 10:24 pm

Spiders are used by Xlobby for downloading information or coverart from the internet for use in Xlobby. The spiders can be used from the database editor portion of the Setup GUI or through the skin directly via events. Steven provides a base set of spiders for movies and music located in the Xlobby\Spiders directory of the installation. These spiders are updated by Steven from time to time and can typically be downloaded at:

Several people are developing alternative spiders for use with Xlobby. There is a thread in Tips & Tricks here:

The spiders use Regular Expressions to parse the information from the web. There isn't any formal spider writing documentation yet, but I've posted a short regex/spider tutorial for those that are interested in writing their own spiders, it can be found here:

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